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    Draught type. Home tract in Alambadi of Dharmapuri taluk


    Body colour is iron grey, grey and fawn. Some have flesh/dark coloured skin


    Horns grow backwards with a forward slope towards the upper half and they should be close at the roots and gently spreading out above.


    Semi- wild and are never tied up. Live in forest for most part of the year. Generally exist on grazing and dry fodder only


    Bullocks use for ploughing in dry areas, suitable sfor heavy draught and road work  


Quick Data


Species Cattle
Synonym Nil
Origin Alambadi of Darmapuri district in Tamil Nadu
Breeding History Nil
Breeding tract Nil
Management System Nil
Breed Society Nil
Phenotypic characters
General characters Compact body with loose frame. Moderate long head, prominent forehead, Resembling Hallikar and Amirthmahal. Also known as Betas
Colour Grey or Dark Grey, calves are red colour and changes into grey at 6-8 months age. White markings on forehead, limbs and tail
Horns Typical backward curving like Mysore cattle. Turn backwards and forwards. Close at bottom and spread out above
Visible Markings Nil
Morphometric characters
Body length (Avg cm) Nil
Height (Avg cm) Nil
Girth (Avg cm) Nil
Adult weight (Avg kg) Male 300-400: kg, Female : 250-300 kg
Age at first calving (m) Nil
Inter calving period (m) Nil
Milk yield per lactation (kg) Nil
Milk Fat ( % ) Nil
Population status Nil
Utility Draught and used for ploughing
Publications Nil