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    Home tract:Pulikulam in Sivaganga distirct.


    Bulls are swift and vigorous, trained to become ferocious and used for “Bull -baiting”(Jallikattu)


    Resemble Kangayam, but small-sized. Strong and active with compact body, short legs and hard feet


    Bulls are dark grey and cows are generally grey in colour. Presence of reddish or brownish markings on one or more points of the body(Sentharai)


    Horns generally grow backward,outward and then inwards


    Suitable for agricultural work, carting and cart racing.

Quick Data


Species Cattle
Synonym Palingu maadu, Mani maadu, Jallikattu maadu, Nattu maadu, Kilaka
Origin Cumbum valley of Madurai District
Breeding History Nil
Breeding tract Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India
Management System Mostly maintained by Konar and Thevar communities. Herd size varies from 100-700 with an average of 1bout 400 cattle. Small herds are pooled togther for logistical and economic reasons.
Breed Society Nil
Phenotypic characters
General characters Smaller in size. Similar to Kangayam but differs in size and the muzzle and eyes are brown. These animals are mainly used for penning in he fields and hence popularly known as KIDAI MADU. The presence of reddish or brownish in the points like muzzle, eyes, switch and back is characteristic of this breed and popularly known as SENTHARAI
Colour Usually grey with dark grey or fawn markings
Horns Wide spread and curved backwards having sharp points
Visible Markings Hump: Well Developed, Dewlap: Narrow and thin, Sheath: Tight and adherent to the body, Legs: Strong, short and well set apart
Morphometric characters
Body length (Avg cm) Male : 119 cm, Female : 114 cm
Height (Avg cm) Male : 117 cm, Female : 112 cm
Girth (Avg cm) Male : 149 cm, Female : 139 cm
Adult weight (Avg kg) Male : 200 kg, Female : 170 kg
Age at first calving (m) 50 Months
Inter calving period (m) 17-24 Months
Milk yield per lactation (kg) 0
Milk Fat ( % ) 0
Population status 7352 (as on 2013)
Utility Useful for draught purpose especially for ploughing
Publications Nil